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Massage oil

1 carrier oil (eg jojoba, argan or rapeseed oil)

1-2 essential oils

Choose one or two essential oils (like cinnamon and black pepper for a warming massage that increases circulation and relieves tension). Mix about 20 drops of essential oil per 100 ml of oil, in a glass jar that is easy to pour from.

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(13) cinnamon, black pepper.jpg

100 ml Himalayan salt or Dead Sea salt

About 7 drops of essential oil

Dried petals (optional)

Choose salt first - Himalayan salt can be relaxing for the body and Dead Sea salt good for problem skin. Then choose an essential oil - like lavender for relaxation and patchouli for mood enhancing. Pour the salt into a bowl, add about 7 drops of essential oil and mix. Let the salt air dry for a moment before pouring it into a clean glass jar. Decorate with dried flower petals. If you don't have a bathtub, you can scrub yourself with the salt!

Bath salt

Face cream with essential oil

1 natural, fragrance-free face cream with a low water content

1 essential oil

Quick-fix your face cream! Choose an essential oil for your skin type (like orange for combination skin, grapefruit for tired skin or lavender for sensitive skin) and add about 10 drops of essential oil per 100 ml of face cream. Always start with a small amount of essential oil, to see how your skin reacts. Mix the cream and store in a glass jar.

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Steam bath for face, lungs and mind

1-2 liters of water

1 essential oil

Boil water and pour into a bowl. Choose an essential oil (like peppermint to refresh the lungs or Booming Bob's essential mix Relax to calm down) and add about 5-8 drops. Add little at the time to get the right strength. Place a towel over your head to preserve the steam, lean over the bowl and breathe for about 5 minutes.

All purpose cleaner

300 ml of water

0.5 teaspoon green soap

20 drops of pine

10 drops of lemon

10 drops of lavender

Boil the water and let it cool completely. Pour all ingredients into a bottle of spray cork and always shake before use.

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Fragrance sticks

50 ml light and neutral carrier oil (like soybean oil)

60 drops of essential oil (preferably combine 3 pcs)

10 ml neutral alcohol* (like vodka)

5-8 fragrance sticks

1 glass bottle with a narrow neck (eg a cleaned Booming Bob bottle)

Mix base oil with essential oil in a glass container. Add the alcohol and stir. Pour the mixture into the glass bottle. The more sticks you put in, the stronger the scent. Turn if necessary. the sticks a couple of times a week.

*Optional, but helps the sticks to absorb the oils.

Fabric softener

200 ml acetic vinegar (24%)

500 ml water

10-15 drops of 1-2 essential oil

Boil the water and let it cool completely. Pour the ingredients into a glass bottle and shake to mix. Pour 2 tbsp in the rinse aid dispenser. Always shake the bottle before use.

Insect spray

100 ml water

20 drops of eucalyptus

20 drops of citronella

10 drops of lavender


Boil the water and let it cool completely. Pour the water into a bottle with spray cork or roller, add the essential oils and shake to mix. Always shake the bottle before use.

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