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(ENG) E-learning for resellers

What fun that you are interested in learning a little more about Booming Bob. Completing the training is easy and quick. As a thank you, when you have completed both final exams, we reward you with a graduation gift in the form of a movie ticket or any product from the series to try.

Here you will find two courses, one about Booming Bob and

oils in general and one on essential oils.


Do this:


1. Download and read the training material carefully. Download the training material (pdf files) here on the page (Part 1: Oils - Training materials & Part 2: Essential oils - Training materials)


2. Click on the button "Final exam Part 1: Oils" and "Final exam Part 2 - Essential oils", fill in your information and answer the questions, each exam is separate so they do not have to be done directly after each other.


3. When you have answered the last question, we ask you to check your answers against the correct answers in the email we have sent you.


4. When you have checked both of your final exam answers against the result, please email us the following:


- Name

- Store / åf you belong to

- What gift you want. If you want a product, please specify which one. NOTE: one gift in total per person.

Do you have questions or concerns? Contact us directly:

Tel: 040 - 15 13 42


Good luck!

Part 1: Oils - Training Materials

Part 2: Essential oils - Training materials

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