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Booming Bob is a botanical skin care series, completely without water. Only potent and caring oils, waxes and extracts are used. All ingredients are listed on the front of each product and are selected with regards to the environment, function and quality.

Organic and sustainable.

Booming Bob is water free skin care grounded on two pillars:

transparency and sustainability.

Water free skin care

Did you know that water is one of the most common ingredients in skin care? Sometimes it is necessary to activate other ingredients, but unfortunately it is also used as a filler. This leaves less room for the potent ingredients that actually make a difference to the skin. Water also makes bacteria thrive better, which makes it necessary to add preservatives.



Transparency means that we are open with both content and production. We believe that insight gives confidence. We have chosen to list all the ingredients on the front of the packaging, as we are happy to display the contents. Each ingredient fulfills a function and nothing is added as a filling. The consumer should understand what they apply to the skin and feel confident that it is good ingredients that make a difference to the skin. When the product consists of only one ingredient, its origin is listed on the packaging. In the case of mixed oils, this information is found for the respective

ingredient at


We constantly strive to reduce our climate footprint through concrete measures - from seed to end product.

Selection of producers


We work with organically certified producers who, in addition to providing organic ingredients, have environmental work integrated into the business. This includes i.a. renewable energy from solar cells, restrictive water consumption and reduced waste.


Choice of ingredients


We opt out of ingredients that burden our planet, such as palm oil. The ingredients we use come from organic farms that meet extensive environmental requirements.


Materials and recycling


We minimize the use of plastic and the one we use is completely or partially recycled. The outer packaging consists of 100% recycled paper. All materials are recyclable and are sorted as dark glass, plastic and cardboard.

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The story behind


At a wedding a couple of years ago, Emil, one of the creators behind Booming, met Bob, an older American, charismatic and well-traveled man.


When Bob found out that Emil was a product developer, he talked about his interest in skin care; he had been suffering from various skin problems all his life, which more or less forced him to become his own skin care expert.


During his travels mainly to the Middle East, Bob had been introduced to skin care based on oils and natural extracts, instead of water and fillers that he was used to seeing in the ingredient lists. Curious, he started buying raw materials at home and was soon sold on the concept, which he described as genuine.


As a true product developer, Emil made a quick note of the conversation on his phone, and the seed for what Booming Bob is today was sown: botanical skin care with the ingredients in focus.

The name honors the creator that sparked the whole thing. 

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Q / A on waterless skincare


What is the benefit of waterless skincare?

You will get more out of your products, as they’re more concentrated. A smaller amount will make a bigger difference. Oil-based products will help preserve moisture in the skin, as it protects against outer harm. Avoiding water will also help protect the skin’s natural barrier, which is needed to prevent dryness, irritation and fast aging. Also, waterless products are usually more pure, as water makes it necessary to use preservatives and stabilizers.

Can water be replaced with an extract like aloe vera or coconut water?

Yes, it may. Though here it is important to make a conscious choice, as a replacement for water isn’t automatically better for the skin or the environment. It’s all about the potency of the extract and the production behind it. Our goal isn’t to be 100% waterfree always (even though we are now), but to be as sustainable and potent as possible. Water should only be used consciously and not as a filler.

Is waterless skincare a global trend?

In South Korea, waterless skincare has been an established concept for several years and it is there the rapidly growing "trend" started. In the western world, water has long been synonymous with moisture in skincare, but it is becoming increasingly known that this is not the case. Water may actually dry out the skin. Conscious consumers may also question why they're primarily paying for water when buying a product. And not to forget, waterless skincare has become an environmental issue, as water is our planet's most valuable resource. This is why we strive for minimal water use!

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