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Artisan Stone Diffuser - Earth

Artisan Stone Diffuser - Earth


A handmade diffuser stone that spreads the scent of essential oils, made in heather grey clay. Each stone is unique, with a rustic and rich texture that adds a grounded feeling to every room. A sense of coming home.


Handmade in Sweden.

  • Facts

    Colour: Heather grey
    Material: Stoneware clay
    Burn temperature: 1240 degrees Celsius
    Artisan: Petra Lund
    Origin: Sweden


  • Usage

    How to use: Add 3-6 drops of your favourite scent and place in any room to enjoy. Refill when the scent starts to fade.
    Clean: Wash with water and soap or in dishwasher when switching scents. Air dry before next session.

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